October 4, 2018

Observations like these - made by friends of John Mack - are why we have been so diligent and mindful in the development of the JOHN MACK movie -

  • “Hollywood has really trained us to feel that aliens are scary and they’re going to hurt us. And there’s really no way to know what to expect. Except for what we’ve been trained to believe.”
  •  “I think society is influenced, of course, by Hollywood, and the perception that there’s this fear element.
  • “Hollywood likes the violence. Every time ET's and UFO’s are involved in a movie, 95% of it is violence where they’re attacking us, they’re killing us. So a lot of people, as a mindset, think: ‘Hey, those are evil beings. They’re here to hurt me.’ And yet, I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth there is.”

 We are very excited to be bringing an authentic and powerful and very original point of view from Hollywood to the world on the subject of the alien phenomenon.

More to come...

Denise David Williams


August 31, 2018

Yes!  The JOHN MACK screenplay is done!  It's a huge milestone!

The execution of this screenplay was a daunting, humbling and joyful process 
that stretched  my mind and tested my faith. 

It took six months (and eight years) and many winding roads to harness the depth and breadth of John Mack's story into a screenplay. We feel really good about it! 

We now have the basis for an astoundingly dramatic, fascinating and really entertaining feature film.

Next step:  We go out with the screenplay to a select group of amazing directors. 
May the best man - or  woman - win!

From the beginning, this process has been divinely guided...and it will continue to be.

Stay tuned!

Denise David Williams

Keep the Faith! It's Divine Timing!

June 21, 2017

I frequently get emails inquiring about the status of the movie. As challenging as it is on the inside of this process, I can imagine how hard it is waiting and wondering what is going on for those on the outside of it for whom this story holds great importance.

As the facilitator and protector of the John Mack movie, my job, among other things, is to ensure that it does not become another "scary alien movie" or the opportunity will have been lost. Our ultimate partners are very important. 

We are not just sitting on our hands waiting. On the contrary.
We have been speaking and meeting with many directors, writers and companies - i.e., we have been in contact with Amblin several times and Bad Robot - they are aware of the material, but the timing has not been right so far. 

Here's what I know for sure - there is a divine timing and a divine orchestration to a story/movie this big and I cannot push against it. It doesn’t work. 

I compare this process to the process of finding a soul mate or marriage partner. You date some nice people, you date some not so nice people. It can get pretty downright frustrating and puzzling - but either way, you can’t force it - until it’s right, it’s just not right. I also know that when it is right, and because it is divinely inspired, the result is glorious.

If you're reading this post, than I believe you understand these principles. I surely believe that Dr. Mack would.


Denise David Williams